OYE Therapeutics


OYE Therapeutics is a  clinical stage pharmaceutical development company. We are focused on bringing innovation to market that offers a positive return on investment in the form of improved safety, efficacy, equity, outcomes, and cost savings

OYE leverages existing pre clinical and clinical data to reduce the overal risk, time and cost to bringing these solutions to market

Candidates are prioritized on various factors ranging from the clinical gap in care, the ability to accelerate the approval process, and overall cost and market opportunity. Our pipeline has established pre-clinical and safety profiles allowing for accelerated clinical start points and expedited approval of new indications. Our innovations offer improvements in quality, overall health of the population,  per capita costs, and the work environment for clinical/operational personnel to fulfill the quadruple aim in healthcare while also impacting the concept of Health Equity.

graphic of triple aim pyramid

Anesthesia: our initial focus

Despite the use of short acting anesthetics in surgical and medical procedures, patients frequently experience negative outcomes and extended recovery room stays. These are most common in the obese, elderly, and those with sleep apnea. OYE's lead candidate is an IV aqueous injectable that protects vulnerable patients  and removes bottlenecks in transitions of care by reversing the lingering effects of anesthesia and speeding the return of a safe airway. 

102M Procedures  Us

Anesthesia is an integral part of greater than 102 million medical procedures performed in the US each year.

Global Problem

Anesthetics have been used successfully around the world for over a century and a half, with more than 300M surgical procedures requiring anesthesia. **   There are currently no FDA-approved drugs available to reverse the coma-like state induced by general anesthetics.

Targeting 32,000 Lives Lost

  An estimated 32,000 patients die annually due to complications from delayed emergence.



Patient's undergoing medical procedures requiring general anesthesia or sedation traditionally awake disoriented, cognitively impaired, and have diminished motor skills. Obese, elderly, and persons with sleep apnea are known to have diminished outcomes even with the use of short acting anesthetics.  There are currently no drugs clinically available to reverse general anesthesia. 


- Unnecessary  "hospital days"

- Excess overtime for clinical staff

- Expense of hospital-acquired conditions 


- Speed return to daily activities of living

- Reduce patient anxiety

- Achieve efficiency in "transitions of care"


- Avoid  hospital-acquired  infections

- Improve access to care

- Reduce delirium and cognitive deficits

Medical Lab technician working


OYE’s product improves patient outcomes and removes bottlenecks in perioperative transition of care, by reversing the lingering effects of anesthesia, fulfilling the five aims in healthcare and generating tremendous savings for US hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) in annual avoidable cost.