OYE Therapeutics
  • cLOSing GAPS IN PATIENT CARE through innovation

    OYE’s pipeline and delivery device hold the promise to enhance the safety and efficacy of dozens of approved drugs across a range of therapeutic areas from Anesthesia to Oncology.   

Image of a patient in recovery

We are a leader in 505(b)2

OYE Therapeutics seeks to leverage our regulatory expertise to speed the clinical and regulatory development of new indications for existing drug products. New indications are developed to serve unmet medical needs, address gaps in clinical care, and provide innovative solutions to existing clinical conditions.  

Meeting today's challenges

Bringing treatments to market more quickly

Reducing costs for patients and providers

Improving population health by removing barriers

Turning existing drugs into 
Clinical Innovation!

Enhancing anesthesia recovery

Improved patient cognition and safer emergence Reduction in avoidable costs

Enhanced access to care. 

Solutions that save/improve lives
Close gaps in medical care for military personnel.
Address the opioid crisis thru adjunctive care.
Improve efficacy with greater patient compliance